Dear blockchain entrepreneurs:

Thank you very much for your trust in Node Capital, and it’s an honor to have you joining in the

blockchain industry. At the same time, it’s very fortunate that Node Capital could be one of the

earliest investment institutions in the blockchain industry, thus being able to witness and practice

this future leading new technology.

It was nearly10 years since Satoshi Nakamoto built the open source project in 2009, and

nowadays blockchain technology has ushered in the spring of development. With more than 20

countries ,90 central banks, more than 2,500 related patents, and $1.4 billion venture capital over

three years... All of them witness the industry's future value.

We accompanied blockchain through its hardship and misunderstanding in the early days, and

witnessed blockchain’s huge value in its development, in the meantime we also suffered from

industrial chaos brought by its explosive growth. However, we always believe in the power of

technology. As a trusted connector, the trust mechanism which created by blockchain technology,

will be the core technology that have the most potential to trigger disruptive revolution, after steam

engine, electric power, information and Internet technology.

Standing at the top of the wave, we hope through project investments and cooperations, we

could connect each node of blockchain industry chain, and build a collaborative open ecosystem for

blockchain enterprises. Thus we could complement each other along the way, and create a healthy

and stable growth ecosystem together.

"Taking the sky as shore when seas reach faraway, being the top when mountains reach the

highest!" In the era of blockchain, hope all of you could not only take advantage of the present,

achieve both enterprise and individual success , but also make the Internet return to its essence,

and move towards true openness, equality and sharing.

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