Node Family(Part)

Invested companiesSince its establishment, focusing on blockchain industry layout, Node Capital invested and served a group of representative enterprises, their are key nodes in the industrial chain, which promote healthy and stable development of blockchain industry in their respective areas.
The first media of Block chain
Jinse is one of the most influential media platforms in blockchain industry. Until July 2017, Jinse has more than 1000 enterprises, We Media, market analysts settled in the platform, and has average daily unique visitors of 120,000, average daily page view of 500,000. In Auguest 2017, Jinse received 8.5million RMB Pre-a round financing.
Block chain technology application provider
Bocheninc is a blockchain technology standard and solutions provider, which mainly engaged in blockchain technical standards and solutions in the research, development, application blockchain system deployment and operation. In April 2017, Bocheninc received 10 million RMB Pre-a round financing.
Data wallet
Beijing Coldlar Information Technology co., LTD. is a professional company providing security storage solutions for blockchain digital assets. Coldlar can store a variety of digital currency, QR code communication method lets private key has no access to the internet, thus completely eliminate the risk of being stolen by hackers.
One-stop blockchain technology service company
Chainup is the one-stop blockchain technology service company.After a great deal of practice, the Chainup has established a set of systems from the infrastructure to the refined operation, and the professional team provides one-stop service for customers.
AToken Limited
AToken Limited, ltd is a company focusing on development of blockchain financial applications. The main product ‘AToken’ is the first mobile wallet app which supports multiple coins and fast shift of coins in China. AToken has excellent experience and security.
The first blockchain platform for global OTC derivatives market
FORTUNA is the first blockchain platform for global OTC derivatives market. FORTUNA is a platform for OTC derivatives transactions. The derivatives include options, forwards, swaps and other derivatives linked to various underlying assets such as global stocks, commodities, foreign currencies and interest rates.
Incentive community platform based on blockchain
QunQun is a completely new incentive community platform based on blockchain. On QunQun, users can easily create their own theme community without encoding and deploying, and obtain extra tokens from the reward pool through operating it or submitting contents to the communities.
Decentralized Universal Gifting Protocol
Each virtual gift will be implemented as a smart contract on Ethereum blockchain, enabling the virtual gifts to exist, be owned, and be transacted independently from any particular content platform or system.
A manufacturer, distributor, and service provider of cloud bitcoin mining machine, or Beijing Fengwo Internet technology co. LTD is a manufacturer, distributor, and service provider of cloud bitcoin mining machine, dedicating to building a “fully-hosted model” and offering one-step service for “non-professional miners” on participation in virtual mining of digital currency.
The first blockchain 3.0 ecosystem built
Genaro Network is the first blockchain 3.0 ecosystem built on a Turing-complete public chain with decentralized storage, providing blockchain developers a one-stop solution to deploy smart contracts and store data simultaneously. Meanwhile, Genaro provides everyone with a trustworthy internet and a sharing community.
The world's first blockchain-based quantitative data providing and exchanging platform is the world's first blockchain-based quantitative data providing and exchanging platform for storage, verification, utilization, analysis, sharing and trading of real world data.
A decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network
ælf is a decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network, featuring parallel processing and nodes clustering to enable scaling, multi-chain structure to segregate resources and to cope with various business scenarios, and well-governed mechanism to incentivize the self-evolution of the ecosystem.
A decentralised solution
Ink is a decentralised solution harnessing the combined power of Consortium Blockchain, Public Blockchain and Cross-chain Interoperability for the global Creative Industry.

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